Friday 6 April 2012

Good Friday Round Up

With a little spare time on my hands I thought I would whizz around the usual locations to see if there were any rare workings/visitors to be found. Here's a resume of what I saw.

Beach Coach Station

Only four independents at the coach station when I visited at around 4 pm.

S Barnard of Kirton Lindsay, 686XUB, 

KM Travel of South Yorkshire ER11ZAR,

Crawley Luxury Travel of Sussex 784CLC,

Gee-Vee Travel of Barnsley GT11GVT
- regular visitor to the town.

First - Caister Road

Not much happening at the front of the depot so I thought I would view the rear yard. Unlike the last time I visited, it looked completely full!

Nearest to the fence was recently withdrawn Volvo B10M/ Plaxton Premier 20126 (P766XHS) - still looking in reasonable nick (bodywork wise). Next to her was decker 34113 (W433CWX)

Also parked opposite 20126 were two other driver trainer sisters  - the one nearest the fence was 20109 (N609APU). The second was later identified as 20128

Two Darts were situated next to her but I initially couldn't identify them. However, crossing the road I was surprised to see their rear registrations over the top of the high wall.

I double checked them to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me but they were P433NEX and P435NEX - both Ipswich vehicles on the last allocation list! It's not known if they are on loan or have been transferred.

Swift - Southtown Yard

Ten vehicles noted.

I took two photos which I have merged into one showing eight of them.

On top from left to right:
119 G470LVG
118 BV57MTJ
137 FJ53VDL
110 BX55OFN

Bottom left to right:
130 SE51DZV
--- SJI8127
139 BX54VUM
105 P840NKK

The final picture shows Swift's two other vehicles resident that afternoon - 
112 S11WFT
115 491JVX

An unexpected interesting half hour touring around the usual haunts!

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  1. 34113 requires heavy welding for the chassis needs to go essex
    32203 accident damage should be going to full circle
    43433 43435 here for mot work then to head to lowestoft
    20109 mot
    20128 standing in place
    39623 interior paint
    42447 engine change
    43444 engine gone into 42447