Sunday 22 July 2012

Lowestoft Area News

© Syd Eade
Contributor Syd Eade reports there  was a surprise visitor on Lowestoft town service 101 on Saturday.

Syd was fortunate in getting a photo of Great Yarmouth based 32202 (LT52WTG) working the route on Katwijk Way.

He says that Plaxton Presidents are quite rare at Lowestoft these days, and of course the 101 is an SLF route.

He also reports that one of Anglian's recently acquired Scanias left the road at North Cove yesterday afternoon after being involved in a road traffic accident. He believes it was 445 (YN05HFE) which was later confirmed by an Anglian driver.

© Syd Eade
Syd also saw sister vehicle 442 (YN05HFH) in service in Lowestoft yesterday, but exactly what it was doing is a mystery as no destinations were shown and not even a card in the window! He guesses it was probably on the 601 service.

My thanks to Syd for the report and photographs

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