Sunday 17 July 2016

Beach Coach Station ~ Saturday

Passing Beach Coach Station during Saturday afternoon, I espied some interesting vehicles on site including two double deckers!

Fortunately the deckers were both parked side by side and they included a representative from both the Souls Brothers and Three Star fleets. The former was tri-axle Optare Olympus bodied Volvo B9TL PN09EOL which entered service with them in May 2009. The latter was SF07OSE, a Berkhof Axial 100DD bodied Volvo B12B, formerly with Parks of Hamilton. A second member of the Luton based fleet was also present in the form of Volvo B11R TC15TSC

Another 'local' attendee was Greys of Ely's Mercedes Benz Tourismo G20ELY - first registered in October 2009


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