Tuesday 26 July 2016

Open Topper arrives at Caister Road

After all the anticipation and teased photographs, Yarmouth's new Open Topper arrived at Caister Road this afternoon with a little assitance from ASW Recovery, this was due to a minor Turbo problem which will soon be rectified.
Right place, right time for me as i passed this afternoon!

32905 W905VLN is a Dennis Trident with Plaxton President bodywork, new to First London (Centrewest) as TNL905 in 2000. It has had a brief spell with FEC before moving onto First Essex. It was converted and repainted at Rotherham's Midland Road works into the new "Seasider" livery for the Summer 3 service in the town.


1 comment:

  1. It looks even better with the branding applied. It's just a shame that I missed this as I was in Yarmouth myself today catching up with the local buses. It was interesting to see 626 had already crept onto the 7 in P&R livery