Monday 11 July 2016

The London Event 2016

As you will probably know, the East Anglia Transport Museum held their annual London Event at Carlton Colville this weekend

First Norwich BD11CFO on Park & Ride dutes on Saturday. Photo Copyright Syd Eade
First Eastern Counties provided Park and Ride services on both days with Norwich Blue Line Wright Eclipse Gemini 36169 (BD11CFO) providing the horses on the Saturday. Former Norwich Gemini 37562 (FJ08FYN) performed the same duty on the Sunday (right), albeit with First Norwich branding still in place above the entrance

Three vehicles were especially 'shipped in' for the event. These included two road vehicles and one tram

The first was preserved London General Omnibus Company bus K424 (reg. XC 8059), a 1921 AEC K-Type which is normally kept at London Transport's Acton depot. The second London Transport vehicle is another Acton resident - a 1931 AEC Renown GO5198

The tram was London County Council No 106 from Crich Tramway Village. Built in 1903, it was one of a hundred 'B' class built. Following withdrawal in 1926 it was converted into a 'snow broom' and last saw active service in this form in the winter of 1951/2. Escaping the scrapyard, restoration began in 1970 and it subsequently moved to Crich. After more restoration in 2010, it was relaunched into service in June last year. I enjoyed my ride on the top deck and I ensured I escaped any 'frying' by keeping my hands below head height as suggested by the guide!

As to be expected there were also visiting London buses attending which included RM 613 and RM 857. The former, WLT613, was new in February 1961 and based at Hollaway's Pemberton Gardens garage. Withdrawal came in August 2003 and was acquired later in the month by the RM613 Preservation Group

RM857 began its LT career at Stamford Hill in July 1961 and in December 1984 it was taken out of service when allocated to Hackney. It was later used for promotion work South Park Motors of Reigate before being purchased for preservation in 1998. Its current owner, Mr T Wright of Hornchurch, acquired WLT857 in February 2007

Another LT representative was CRL4 (SLT59), a prototype entering the fleet in London Transport's line of Green Line double-decker coaches during July 1957. The body was unusual as it was the only Routemaster to be built by Eastern Coach Works. Withdrawal from normal duties came in May 1979. and, after a repaint, it was allocated to Hertford for special duties. In early 2000, there was considerable alarm when Arriva announced that it had been sold. Bids by well-known preservation bodies had been rejected, and there were fears that it had been consigned to the scrap-heap. Fortunately the decker found a preservation home and was restored to Green Line livery. It has subsequently been bought by Roger Wright for his London Bus Company, where it earns its keep on weddings and outings, while providing joy for enthusiasts at Rallies and Running Days.

A further attendee was former London Transport Scania Metropolitan KJD260P. It started its career at Peckham in mid 1976 and spent its early years there before going to Plumstead almost four years later. In May 1984 it was withdrawn whilst in store and was purchased for preservation four months later. Ensign restored it during 2008

Our final photo is of Stevensons of Uttoxeter KLB908 a 1949 preserved Leyland PD2/3 with Leyland RT6 H30/26RD body. It was originally London Transport RTW178 until sale to Stevensons in 1965 who installed the rear door and modified the destination displays.

I would like to acknowledge Iain's Bus Stop website as the source of the history for the many vehicles and my thanks to everyone at the museum for making a very enjoyable occasion. The large number of members involved must have been phenomenal and this effort was reflected in the numbers attending - never seen it so busy. Finally my thanks to Colin White who put up with my company!


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