Thursday 30 March 2017

Brighton Buses

A quick visit to Brighton on Tuesday but, as you would expect, a little time for some observation and photos!

The first shows one of the slowly declining numbers of bendy buses in use in our cities and towns these days. This is Brighton & Hove's Mercedes Benz Citaro 126 BL57OXP on the 25X Sussex University Limited Stop service. New to London General, it has also seen use in Newcastle and Plymouth.

Next up is Brighton's Volvo B9TL/Gemini 429 BF12KXH which is especially liveried for the Regency Route between Tunbridge Wells and Brighton.

Then there is the Brighton to Eastbourne Coaster service operated by the Wright Streetdecks and this is 927 BX15ONB nearing the end of its journey at Churchill Square.

Also out in the sunshine was Brighton & Hove's Scania K340EB4/ Irizar 49 seat coach 505 UK59BCL - a sight not that often seen in Churchill Square.

One of the Brighton routes I was interested in was the 50, which I was led to believe was where a demonstrator was reported to in use. Alas I saw nothing of it but saw 79 route branded East Lancs bodied Scania 660 YN55NFM in use instead.

Finally,  another bus out of its normal environment was Worthing's Pulse liveried Stagecoach South Enviro300 27678 GX60PDV on the 17 service to Horsham.


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