Thursday 2 March 2017

#TBT Throw Back Thursday ~ VRs At Wellington Road

This week's Throw Back Thursday offering shows two Eastern Coach Works bodied Bristol VR deckers at Great Yarmouth's Wellington Road depot in the 1980s

Bristol VRs VEX292X and DAH392K are seen in the Wellington Road garage. The former (a series 3 version) has
arrived from Norwich on the 701 whilst the latter (a series 2 model) made its last journey from Lowestoft on the 603

On the left is VEX292X delivered new to Eastern Counties in October 1981 which was one of a number originally ordered by Alder Valley but entering service with Counties. On the right is December 1972 delivery DAH392K which has a lower seating capacity than VR292 being H39/31F compared to the latter's H43/31F configuration.

By mid 1997, VR 292 had received Blue Bus livery and continued to ply its trade in Great Yarmouth until withdrawal came in early 1999. It was acquired by Stephensons of Rochford and, after the application of an all over white livery, it entered service with them in March of that year. After approximately a year's use it moved on to Dent and Horstwood of North Kelsey prior to being sent to dealers Wigley of Carlton for scrapping during 2003.

As for VR 392, it lasted in service until 1993 but no further information on its subsequent history can be found other than it was eventually scrapped!


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