Tuesday 7 March 2017

Help Wanted ~ Norfolk Motor Services

This weekend I have been contacted by David Grimmett asking for some help which I hope some readers can assist with.

David says 'This October marks the 50th anniversary of The Essex Coast Express which became part of an enlarged East Anglian Express. To celebrate the occasion, I am writing a book on the two pools and also giving a talk to The Omnibus Society in Ipswich in April incidentally to which all are invited.

The book contains chapters on the pool members and I am having little success with the history of Norfolk Motor Services. Do you know anyone who is knowledgeable on the company and could help?'

I have already provided David with information appearing on the blog, so are there any readers out there that can help? If so, can you contact David by email at davidgrimmett@btconnect.com
Thanks in advance


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