Saturday 4 March 2017

Latest from Ipswich

We often venture down to Suffolk to follow the happenings in Ipswich and David Warren has sent us a selection of photos reflecting the latest happenings in the county town.

Ipswich Buses will no longer operate the Park and Ride services in the town and the first of their fleet of ex Nottingham Optare Versas bought for the service has been repainted into a version of the companies standard colours, YK08EPV is seen above at Simon Morris fresh out of the paintshop.

Ipswich Buses are also using YN66BBV, A Scania N250UD, Alexander Dennis E400 MMC on trial for its town services, it was previously in use with Reading Buses, a similar type is currently being trialled by First at Kings Lynn for the X1 services.

They are also using an Optare Solo SR on trial which was recently in use with another Suffolk operator Galloway of Mendlesham, YJ16DDA is seen above whilst in use on their 118 service to Framlingham

The operations of Carters Services of Capel St Mary were purchased recently by Ipswich Buses and the vehicles are now gaining Ipswich Buses fleet names on their previous owners livery, former Stagecoach London/Tower Transit ALX400 LX04FYB is pictured above at the Old Cattle Market Bus Station.

Many Thanks to David Warren for his excellent photographs as always.


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