Friday 12 October 2018

Darting Around The UK

First bought a batch of Ex Connex, Jersey Caetano bodied Darts in 2013 which were split between various depots of which Great Yarmouth was one. The Darts are now well travelled after their spell with FEC. They worked at Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Norwich before being transferred elsewhere.

43861 EG52FGJ at Caister Road awaiting entry into service back in May 2013. (Grahame)

The batch were moved down to the South West to First Kernow in 2016, this included similar vehicles from Essex and Potteries.

43861 pictured with First Kernow at Newquay Bus Station in June 2017. (Zak Nelson)

Recently the Darts have again moved on, This time up to Scotland with First Glasgow. The vehicles are being repainted into a newer version of First's corporate livery.

43859 EG52FHD now in the newer corporate livery in Glasgow. (David Oakley)

Many thanks to Zak & David for the photographs.


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