Friday 30 November 2018

Friday Tourismos

Friday morning normally sees the return home of the Great Yarmouth short stayers and the first I observed was one of Shearings' 2013 registered Setras heading west over Haven Bridge.

Arriving at the Carlton Hotel, another Shearings turned up in the form of relatively new Mercedes Benz Tourismo 149 BU18YTD.

Also observed on Marine Parade was yet another Tourismo, CR14RAM, from the Rambler Coaches fleet. Another Rambler, in Just Go branding, was awaiting me on Prince's Road. This time it was BG14OOE - a Volvo B11R with Jonckheere bodywork.

The final surprise was the arrival of three Alfa Travel Tourismos outside the New Beach Hotel; though not all at exactly the same time! BX15OED did the first pick ups to be followed by BN12CLV and BX14LCM (pictured)


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