Wednesday 9 January 2019

Service Alterations Registered ~ 9th January 2019

Today's East of England Traffic Commissioner's Notices & Proceedings Report contains a number of changes to services operated by Our Hire which trades as Our Bus

Firstly Our Bus is to provide a new Monday to Saturday 85 route between Norwich Bus Station and Claxton. The hourly service is to commence from 21st January 2019. The Acle based operator is also to amend the route of its Beighton to East Norfolk Sixth form 73A group of services from 20th January 2019. This effectively means the end of the Wednesday and Saturday only 730 between Cantley and Great Yarmouth from the same date.

Optare Solo MX58AAY with the 730 Great Yarmouth - Cantley on Saturday 11th March 2017
The operator is also cancelling four other services including the 292 Tuesday only Cantley to Wroxham, the 293 Monday only Scratby to Wroxham and the 294 Friday only Scratby to Norwich routes. The fourth service to go is the Wednesday only 74/X74 Little Plumstead to Great Yarmouth. All changes are effective from 20th January 2019.

The full Report will soon be available to view on the website


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