Monday 20 January 2020

Any Ideas?

I received an email from a regular reader of our blog at 2.22pm on Saturday afternoon and wonder whether anyone can shed any light on what was happening here. I have my own theory!

A Sanders Scania Omnidekka similar to the one our correspondent observed
'I was just coming home along Wroxham Road in Norwich (towards the Tesco Extra), and spotted a Sander's Coaches Scania Omnidekka parked up at one of the bus stops (I can't remember which but it's a bit further along to the Golden Plaice fish and chips), full of people but with the destination board blank and no paper, about 10 minutes ago at 14:05. It was going towards the roundabout just ahead after the bus lane ends.

This is obviously highly unusual, as no Sanders Routes go through this area, I thought it was perhaps private but I turned back and the number on the rear destination display said "11"! The driver then closed the doors and pulled off. Unfortunately I was driving the other way so was unable to get a picture, but I'm pretty sure this means that First have for some reason loaned the bus from Sanders, for use on the 11?!

I thought I would inform you of this highly unusual sighting. The only notable points are:
- The front destination display was blank and there was no paper destination
- The bus was completely full of people, top and bottom deck
- The rear destination display clearly displayed "11" '

Can anyone come up with any explanation about this 'unusual' activity? I am guessing that it may be a football special as Norwich were playing at home (and they won!)

My thanks go to all of you who responded to this post, including a certain gentleman from North Carolina USA!. It is indeed one of four regular football specials from the North Norfolk area provided by Sanders. Paul Cox tells me this is known as the 11 Stalham Football Bus. It operates the following route: North Walsham - Stalham - Hoveton - Wroxham - Rackheath - Sprowston - Heartsease - Norwich City Football Club.


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