Friday, 2 April 2021

Friday Flashback ~ August 1991

A little different Friday Flashback this week when we revisit August 1991 - is it really almost thirty years ago?
Flying Banana Ford Transit B204 GNL approaching Market Gates - ex Northern General 1991
The photos have been provided by Michael Roach of the Cornwall Railway Society who sent them and others to the Norfolk Railway Society. John Hutchinson of the local group thought they may be of interest to us and therefore are reproduced here

Great Yarmouth's ECW bodied Bristol VR RVF35R new in February 1977 leaving Market Gates
Similar Eastern Counties Bristol VR VEX 292X at the same spot and note no Troll Cart Public House yet!
Peering out of the bus station is Great Yarmouth Volvo B10M-50/East Lancs E41 OAH
Eastern Counties Dennis Javelin/Plaxton Derwent H613 RAH on The Street in Acle
Many thanks to John for passing the pictures on and to Michael Roach for supplying them. The Great Yarmouth photos were taken on the 5th and the Acle one the day after.



  1. Re B204 GNL, this came from Visitauto (TW). Don't think Go Ahead Northern existed in 1991.

  2. Thanks Andy - original information obtained Eastern Bus Handbook published Septemmber 1995. On line source suggests Northern General