Thursday, 26 July 2012

Volvo Trio Transferred Away

Unfortunately with grandparent duties taking up much of my time recently, I have not been able view/post much activity in the last few days.

However, Grahame Bessey reports that Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot has lost three of its Volvo B10BLE's to other depots within the First East of England fleet.

60807 (S658RNA) and 60808 (S659RNA) have moved to Norwich, whilst 66165 (W365EOW) has gone to First Essex.

The latter, which has subsequently been sighted at Basildon, is seen here at the Caister Road site during March of last year.


  1. I was up in Great Yarmouth on the 17th/18th July and S658RNA sounded positively sick. W365EOW has most likely gone to Basildon to replace recent fire victim V829FSC where it will join other members of the SxxxRNA B10BLE's local to yourself. Not my pictures but images of V829FSC during and after getting toasty!

    1. Thanks for your comment Jimi
      Yes I have heard S658RNA sounding unwell and am surprised she keeps going!
      Grateful for the info regarding the reason for the Great Yarmouth exile in Basildon

  2. Can safely say 66165 is a direct replacment for 65629...saw the former in Southend on the 25 earlier today. The route the latter had just completed before cautching fire!