Friday 11 July 2014

Ipswich Eclipse Update

Regular Ipswich correspondent Jim Long has been in touch to provide photos of the recent First arrivals in the new livery

He says that on a closer inspection, the style is a variation of the Olympia livery and has a deep green in it although it is stated to be charcoal

The first of the photos is of 69008 AU05DMV
in Bridgewater Road on its first day out, whilst the other is of 66981 KX05MHK which arrived back in the Suffolk town yesterday

The latter was being put through its paces on the rolling road yesterday and subsequently came out on the road and is pictured on Star Lane

My thanks to Jim for the report and photos and to the First Ipswich staff to enable pictures to be taken. See also the comments below for views on the new 'Ipswich' livery


  1. Um, may be alright in town but I thought grey/greenish tinges were never good vehicle colours because they didn't stand out from the surroundings!

  2. Okay, I can't keep this to myself any longer.

    To my eyes this looks dreadful, unless of course it "looks better in the flesh."

    What is the point? Is it for route branding? An Ipswich local identity?

    Perhaps it's my advancing years, but I just don't get it.

    Am I alone in expressing these views?

  3. Do Ipswich/East Suffolk people like yuck?

  4. No! At the very least it could have been Ipswich Town blue, even Eastern Counties red - something identifiable with Ipswich. This looks like someone shut their eyes and stuck a pin in a Dulux chart

  5. Here in Ipswich the view has been mixed I don't know myself it's certainly different the rear is okay but I'm not sure about the front whether it grows on me I don't know