Sunday 6 July 2014

Vintage Transport Weekend ~ Saturday

Bristol MW5G/ECW 5789AH at Weybourne
This weekend saw the North Norfolk Railway hold their Vintage Transport event. I initially planned to attend today but a family commitment meant that I had to change the visit to Saturday at the last moment.

Undeterred by the rain, I made an early start and arrived at Weybourne for a cuppa at around 10:30 - steering clear of a busy Sheringham
The four buses on arrival included two Routemasters

After a browse around the bookshop, I wondered to the road to see if I could see any signs of the 11:05 bus from Cley Visitor Centre to Holt. After a few minutes Eastern Transport Collection's Eastern Counties Bristol MW5G 5789AH came into view sporting its Metropolitian Coaches livery of Great Yarmouth

Royal Blue Bristol MW6G 617DDV arrives at Holt Railway Station
After an early lunch I decided to go to Holt Station to see what vehicles were there; only four were present when I arrived

Half of them were Routemasters -   CUV151C and CUV321C. The former was RM2151 and was one of the shorter versions entering service at Willesden in 1965. It is currently operated by Awaydays
Bus and Us Routemaster CUV321C
on the North Norfolk Railway's Holt Flyer during the summer months

The other, as RML2321, is one of the later longer variants and began work in the Country Area working out of Northfleet and Windsor. After a repaint in red for Central Area use it was withdrawn in 2005 and passed to Ensign who restored it. Norfolk based Bus and Us Limited acquired it
Northern Scottish Leyland Tiger EAV458 at Holt
for local private hire work. Bus and Us are a father, daughter and son-in-law team who also undertake PCV and HGV training services. I am grateful to Kimberley Wells for her time

The other two vehicles were Konect's Optare Tempo 412 YJ09MHY and Jonathan Joplin's Volvo B10M FAH275Y in the livery of the now defunct local operator
The interior of EAV458
Smiths of Wood Norton

Also arriving was ECW bodied Bristol MW6G 617DDV from North Somerset Coaches. It was no 2250 in the Royal Blue express fleet of Southern National which was based at Exeter and Ilfracombe and also formed part of the Associated Motorways Network centred on Cheltenham

Another Routemaster in attendance was RML2419 JJD419D which was entered by the Brandon Bus & Coach Preservation Society ans a regular attendee at this event

However, the star of the show, as far as I was concerned, was 1948 Leyland Tiger PS1/ Duple EAV458 in Northern Scottish livery. My short trip on the half cab back to Holt Station was the highlight of the day. The ornate interior was a sight to behold

In excess of twenty vehicles were entered although not all were present on the Saturday.

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