Wednesday 9 July 2014

Vintage Transport Weekend ~ Sunday

EATM's 557BNG and VHK177L on arrival at Sheringham Station
A report on the second day of the North Norfolk Railway's Vintage Transport Weekend

Neil Chilvers reports that the East Anglia Transport Museum took two vehicles along to the event - namely Eastern Counties Bristol FL6G 557BNG and Eastern National Bristol RELH VHK177L

Neil also supplied some photos of the Sunday 
Wilts & Dorset Bristol VR/ ECW JJT437N at Holt
workings and the second shows Michael Cole's ECW bodied VR 3325 JJT437N enjoying a shower at Holt.

It was operated from 1975 to 1993 by Hants & Dorset and its privatised successor Wilts and Dorset. It subsequently passed to a number of independent operators prior to preservation

Next up is George Monk's MCW Metrobus GOG205W. New to
Ex Travel West Midlands GOG205W at Sheringham Station
West Midlands PTE, it was one of more than a thousand or so supplied to the operator

It was in use with Travel West Midlands until 2000 and became one of the few ex West Midlands examples remaining in service until withdrawn by Shoreys of Maulden in Bedfordshire

Charles White sent along his former Eastern Counties Bristol RE SVF896G
Former Eastern Counties RE 896 SVF896G on display at Holt
It was employed by the company on long distance service sand is one of the few vehicles to have entered the grounds of Buckingham Palace. It was later operated by Carters Coaches of Ipswich

Other vehicles on display were Anglian's MAN EcoCity gasbus 108 AU62DWG and former Eastern Counties Bristol RELL6G EPW516K

My thanks to Neil for the photos and his help with this post

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