Monday 7 July 2014

Thanks for the Memory 2

Six AEC Swifts at the time of Jim's visit to Caister Road
In response to my 'Thanks for the Memory' feature on Saturday, regular corresponder Jim Long has been in contact

'It was the 8th August 1996 when I took this photo and I knew that within the next month that the Great Yarmouth fleet would be in the hands of Eastern Counties/ GRT

I wanted to get as many photos as I could before the changes took place and I picked Market Gates for my shooting and boy oh boy what a mistake! Having only film at the time, most of my photo's were rather dark in the dark hole of Calcutta (nothing changes Jim!)

The next time I visited Gt Yarmouth was in August 1997 when most, if not all the fleet, was in that GRT style livery. I had gained enough photo failures to try elsewhere,which I did!'

Jim's photo shows six of the AEC Swift's lined up in numerical order from right to left - one can only ask what happened to No 84!

My thanks to Jim for the report and pic

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