Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lunchtime Lurking

National Holidays Setra NH11DTH at Beach Coach Station
at lunchtime today
At lunchtime today I had a quick run around the usual haunts in Great Yarmouth to see what was lurking about

Looking in at Beach Coach Station it revealed a sole National Holidays Setra NH11DTH soaking up the rays from the winter sun. Though when I took my photo the sun went in!

The next port of call would be Marine Parade but, on exiting Sandown Road, I saw a white liveried Volvo parked up to my left on North Drive. Closer inspection showed it to be former
Former Swift Taxis Volvo B10M 491JVX outside the Waterways on North Drive
Swift Taxis 491JVK; another former
National Holidays' coach which was then registered M123UWY when with them. It is now owned by local operator Our Bus

Another National Holidays Setra, NH13GWH, was noted outside the Sea Life Centre on Marine Parade. Keeping company were two Shearings Holidays Setras in the form of 119 BN09FJX and 317 BK11CPN

National Holidays Setra NH13GWH being watched by Shearings BN09FXJ

I then adjourned to Market Gates to observe movements there and met Malcolm Gee, who often contributes photos to the Ipswich Transport Society Journal

However, nothing out of the ordinary to report from there

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  1. A Norwich B9TL was on the 7 this morning, that was definitely out of the ordinary!!