Friday 20 February 2015

Swift Taster

It's been a month or so since East Norfolk Bus Blog published a report that a former Great Yarmouth AEC Swift WEX685M had been acquired for local preservation

Swift WEX885M loaded up and ready to go - someone has been playing with the destinations!
The 1973 Eastern Coach Works bodied saloon has been acquired by Chris Speed, Business Manger for First Eastern Counties, and Danny Beales, First's Great Yarmouth Operations Manager

The Swift leaves for its journey south 
As everything appears to have gone quiet about the bus since then, you may have wondered what has been happening with it

The journey from Yorkshire begins
Previous owner Nigel Blair contacted me last night to tell me that the Swift started its journey south from Yorkshire yesterday and sends me some photos showing the start of its voyage

WEX685M heads for Norfolk

Many thanks to Nigel for the photos which are a taster of what is to come


  1. Hi. Out of curiosity do you know if Mr Blair still has his Preston Panther (MCK229J)?

  2. Paul, the quick answer is yes Nigel still has it - see report and photo on posting dated 7th March 2015