Thursday, 5 February 2015

Norwich Interlude

EU05AUN on the 39 service at Castle Meadow 
With business to attend to on the outskirts of Norwich yesterday, I was hoping for a little time in the city centre for some observations

It seems that when any news appears on this blog other bloggers in the area are quick to act on it. As Charles Caleb Colton would say 'Imitation is the sincerest of flattery'!

Never one to hold a grudge, my city centre visit also revealed two sightings of Yarmouth loanee ADL Dart 42921 EU05AUN on the 39 Purple Line between Mile Cross and Lakenham.  However, lighting conditions were not conducive for a good picture of the Dart on its return from Mile Cross during the late afternoon

Driver trainer S658RNA runs through Norwich Bus Station
Konectbus Gemini LB02YWY 
On my mid morning journey into Norwich, I noted driver trainer 60807 S658RNA heading eastbound on the A47 towards Great Yarmouth. I rued the missed opportunity of getting a photo of the B10BLE but later got one of the ex Caister Road saloon passing through Norwich Bus Station

Norfolk Green sightings on the X29 route included Dennis Trident/ Alexander Enviro 400 10054 SN13EEA Kev Graves and Optare Solo 47890 YN53SSZ

A notable Konectbus working was the appearance of Volvo B7TL/ Wright Eclipse Gemini LB02YWY on the 16:10 service 2 to Sheringham

Talking of North Norfolk, Sanders Coaches employed a former Bus Vannin East Lancs Myllennium Lowlander bodied DAF DB250 on services in the form of 116 PM03EHU
Sanders Coaches PM03EHU passes through Castle Meadow on an inbound service from North Norfolk

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