Wednesday 19 July 2017

Service Alterations Registered ~ 19th July 2017

There's quite a few local entries in this week's Notice and Proceedings Report by the Eastern of England Traffic Commissioner. The main points concern the the provision of school services for the coming school year plus the registration, alteration and cancellation of many of Sanders Coaches' services.

New Services Registered

Sanders Coaches has registered two new school day services both commencing on 3rd September 2017. They are the 704 between Sutton Road, Hickling and Stalham Junior School plus the 401 from Cherry Tree Road, Plumstead and Sheingham High School.

Ourhire Limited is to provide normal stopping service 33A starting and ending at North Walsham. Commencing on 3rd September 2017, the Monday to Friday service will comprise three full and five short trips each day. Our Hire is also to run a Monday to Friday hail and ride service 33, from the same date, between North Walsham and Cromer.

Variation In Services

Go West Travel is to amend the route and timetable of  its 414 school service between North Elmham and Reepham High School from 6th September 2017.

Ourhire Limited is altering the timetable of its 271 Hemsby to Bradwell service from 3rd September 2017.

Sanders Coaches is changing the timetable of the following services:-
⧫ 5 Charles Road, Holt to Post Office, North Walsham.
⧫ 6 Post Office, North Walsham to Market Gates, Great Yarmouth.
⧫ 6A Post Office, North Walsham to Cromer Bus Station.
⧫ 34 Post Office, North Walsham to Stalham former railway station site.
⧫ 27/28 Green Lane, Pudding Norton to Morrisons store, Fakenham.
⧫ 44/44S Holt and Holt and Sheringham Station Approach.
⧫ 45/45A Norwich and Holt.
⧫ 46 Holt and Fakenham.
⧫ 210 North Walsham and Norwich Bus Station.
⧫ 834 Stalham to Great Yarmouth's East Norfolk College.
⧫ X44 Reepham to Norwich High School.
⧫ X55/55 Post Office, North Walsham to Norwich City Centre.

The operator is also amending the route and timetable of the following:-
⧫ 9 Holt and Fakenham.
⧫ 43/43A/43B Reepham Market Place and Norwich Bus Station.
⧫ 204 Holt to Wells High School.
⧫ X11/10 Happisburgh Post Office and Norwich High School.

Sanders is also amending the route of the following:-
⧫ 607 Holt to Reepham.
⧫ 609 Melton Constable and Reepham High School together with a new start and finish point.

All changes to Sanders services are to take effect from 3rd September 2017.

Cancellation of Existing Services

Sanders Coaches is to cancel the following services from  the same date:-
⧫ 7 Gresham School and Park Lane, North Walsham.
⧫ 16 Cadogan Road, Cromer to Holt.
⧫ 17 Holt to Sheringham Station Approach.
⧫ 19 Cadogan Road, Cromer to Holt.
⧫ 33/33A North Walsham to Cromer.
⧫ 86 Felmingham and Aylsham High School.
⧫ 706 Sea Palling service.

Hope you have got all that! The complete Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed HERE.


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