Thursday 20 July 2017

Yarmouth Latest

Looks like at lot of visitors in use at Caister Road today, i managed to photograph 3 Loanee's at the depot this afternoon, good timing on my part!

Norwich Volvo B7RLE 66977 KX05MHA leaving the depot to work the 2 Service

66981 KX05MHA resting after a stint on the 6's this morning

Lowestoft based 37579 AU58EDK working the 1A to Lowestoft

Former Ipswich B7RLE 66979 KX05MHF pictured yesterday by Cameron Robinson on the 1's to Martham

Along with those above, Lowestoft Volvo B7TL 30900 and Norwich Streetlite 47508 were also noted in use from Caister Road today.


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