Thursday 27 July 2017

#TBT ~ Great Yarmouth FEX110

This week's Throw Back Thursday features a Great Yarmouth Transport Daimler double decker. FEX110 was one of five Daimler CVG6s with Roe bodywork which were new in May 1961.

Originally numbered 10 in the fleet (and later 15) it received a rather garish Silver Jubilee livery during 1977 which was designed  by local art students. Robert Kelly tells me that all five Daimlers were withdrawn later that year with FEX110 being acquired by Arbuckle of Invergowie the following year. I have also found a photo of it on Flickr when with Greyhound of Arbroath in 1980

My thanks to Robert for the additional information and to Mick Capon in providing more details in the comments below



  1. Didn't this go to Alexander, Sheffield from Yarmouth before moving to Arbroath? The "garish" Silver Jubilee livery was designed and applied by Great Yarmouth Art School. I must admit I was never a fan of these (nor I understand were the crews). The 30 footers had that fat, ugly radiator cowl which in my opinion spoiled the handsome Roe bodywork. To my eye the shorter versions looked a lot better.

    Mick Capon, North Carolina

  2. Thanks for the comment Mick. As you are the oracle as far as Great Yarmouth Buses is concerned I have no doubt you may be right! I wasn't much of a fan of them either and much preferred the early Atlanteans. Hope all is well with you across the pond.