Friday 7 December 2018

Days of B7L's Are Numbered

Firstly my apologies for the incorrect information published under this header yesterday. I incorrectly assumed the term referred to the double deckers but I was wrong as it referred to the single deckers! There may, however, still be a shake down of some of the double deckers with requirements reducing due to the slow down in Bernard Matthews contract work.

66334 MV02VBZ leaves Market Gates with a Belton service in January 2015
So. to put the record straight, the days for the three Volvo B7L's at Caister Road are numbered and it is initially believed that 66334 MV02VBZ will hang on a little longer with 66341 MV02VCT and  66344 MV02VCX soon leaving the local fleet. The trio were transferred in from Norwich during January 2015.

A diverted Belton service on Beccles Road with 66341 MV02VCT in charge on 5th April 2016
The two 06 plated Darts from Wales were initially sent to replace them but both went on loan elsewhere but have now returned and are being observed on Great Yarmouth routes. Similar Barbie liveried B7Ls should also leave the Norwich fleet around Christmas time.

Heading for Bradwell on 20th March 2015 was 66344 MV02VCX
Again apologies for the misleading information and for any embarrassment caused to my contact at First who gave me the correct information which I misinterpreted!


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