Saturday 12 December 2020

Coastlink Corner

Finally managed an hour or so out with the camera this morning, its been a while so i decided to head for Acle to grab a few Coastlink liveried vehicles as i was yet to add many to the collection.

First up was 33822 YX63LKM working the X1 through to Norwich. Acle is always good for X1/X11 services as both directions are served so ideal for photos either way!

Heading back to Lowestoft was one of the Gemini pair recently repainted 37274 LK58EDF seen at the Kings Head stop heading towards Yarmouth.

My timing was perfect as 33423 SN60CAA pulled up bound for Norwich on the X11, another i was hoping to see with the camera.

Finally it was 33820 YX63LKK seen at the Kings Head bound for Belton on the X11. A good morning of photos gained followed by a nice warm Coffee!

Stay Safe, Grahame.

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