Tuesday 29 December 2020

Rail Replacement Connexions

Recent rail replacement workings have provided the odd unusual appearance of vehicles not normally associated with our local area.

That was the case last night when Joe Wilson-Smith looked in at Norwich Railway Station and observed a bus well away from its normal base. It was Harrogate Coach Travel's YN05GXC, a Wright Solar bodied Scania L94UB. 

Operating as Connexions, the company provides a network of local bus services from Harrogate and York in the North Yorkshire area as well as Otley and Ilkley and Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Joe referred me to their Facebook site which stated they had hired one of their DDA compliant service buses to fulfil Rail Replacement services and to 'Look out for them in East Anglia.... ' 
Update: Apparently it's on hire to Angies Tours

My thanks to Joe for the information and photo


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