Monday 17 January 2022

Brand New Arrival at Lynx

 A brand new arrival (Literally) at Lynx in Kings Lynn is ADL Enviro 400 Demonstrator SK71CKX.

It has just the delivery milage from Falkirk of 474 miles on the clock. It will be with Lynx for around three weeks whilst ther own E400's return one at a time to ADL Falkirk for some work to be carried out.

During its stay it will carry fleet number 60 and expected to be used primarily on School Contracts rather than public service, subject to change i am sure. Lynx are expecting another three E400's in the spring to bring the total in the fleet up to five.

61 & 62 pictured above at Kings Lynn Bus Station

Many Thanks to Sam Larke at Lynx for use of his photos and the information.


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