Monday, 31 January 2022

Megabus Service Changes

With assistance from David Slater, I have details of the latest Megabus changes affecting Norfolk routes

Norwich-Stratford (East London) service M16

This service (operated by Freestones) becomes two trips each way every day (running at the same times every day). The ‘Cambridge South Babraham Crossroads’ stop has been discontinued.

From Norwich (Bus Station):
0600 via UEA 0615 arriving Stratford 0845
1345 via UEA 1400, Thetford 1445 arriving Stratford 1630

From Stratford:
1000 to UEA 1230 and Norwich (Bus Station) arriving 1245
1745 to Thetford 1930, UEA 2015 and Norwich (Bus Station) arriving 2030

These times are shown until Thursday 7 April 2022 (one week before Easter). From Friday 8 April 2022 the timetable will change with additional trips.

Norwich-Birmingham service M37

The 0955 service from Norwich which returns from Birmingham at 1600 (operated by Freestones) will cease operation after Monday 31 January 2022. No further timings for those trips are currently shown on the website which gives information up to Saturday 9 April 2022.

The 1110 service from Birmingham which returns from Norwich at 1615 (operated by Prospect Coaches) will be the only remaining trips on this service operated Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays only. The Megabus website shows this service pattern until Saturday 9 April 2022 (one week before Easter).

My thanks to David for the information


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