Saturday 8 January 2022

Farewell 59

First Great Yarmouth organised a small farewell tour today for Volvo B7TL/ALX400 32059 W219XBD which has come to the end of its time with the company.

32059 arrived in May 2014 as part of a batch of Volvo B7TL from First Leicester, all arrived in Barbie livery before all the others gained Olympia colours, 59 was chosen to wear a new heritage livery for Great Yarmouth Transport meaning the Blue and Cream was to return to the streets of the town.

June 2014 and 32059 is seen working the 3 service to Hemsby Beach still wearing its original livery.

Forward to June 2015 and 32059 appears for the first time in its heritage livery, seen on Beatty Road.

Forward to today and 59 is joined by recent repaint 37562 FJ08FYN and former GYT AEC Swift 85 WEX685M for its farewell run around the town.

85 leads the convoy out of Caister Road and along Northgate Street before passing through the Bus Station and onto the Seafront. A photo stop at Seashore Terminus was next on the list.

All three GYT liveried vehicles assembled at Seashore Terminus by this time 85 was sounding a little 'Throaty' due to a blowing exhaust much to its owners displeasure!

32059 being positioned with its 'Goodbye 59' screen on show, well done to Zak at First for creating that for the day!

It has been saved for preservation back in its native Leicester where it will return to its original Barbie livery which it wore from new back in 2000.

Many Thanks to Chris Speed & Mark Reynolds at First for organising the little outing, nice to see a few local enthusiasts aswell and putting faces to a few names who have contributed to the blog also.

Stay Safe, Grahame.

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