Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Freestones Further Updated

Some time has lapsed since we have provided an update on Dereham-based Freestone Coaches. However, David Slater offers information on what are possibly two recent fleet additions and are from his latest observations on Megabus workings.

It would appear that the cherished number ME54 BUS, which is a play on Megabus, has been applied to a different Irizar i6. The previous i6 (originally YT62 JBX) was shorter than the current one. The latest carries the word ‘Kingsize’ just beyond the rear wheels and the main fleet name of Freestones Coaches. The Megabus.com name is carried over the front windscreen and along the roofline are names of various British towns.

There is also a shorter Irizar i6 registered S28 FSC which seems to be the regular vehicle on the Birmingham service. This coach carries the newly revised Megabus livery style, the style that no longer features the Megabus Man (Sid) character.

My thanks to David for the information and his accompanying photos.

Colin Oakley provides details regarding the earlier registrations of the two coaches. ME54 BUS was formerly YN14 FVR. whilst S28 FSC was previously YN16 WUL. The pervious holder of the ME54 BUS plate has reverted to YT62 JBX. Thanks Colin


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