Tuesday 23 August 2011

Carlton Colville's Comings and Goings

Following the sighting of Newcastle Trolleybus LTN501 on the A17 at Long Sutton on Sunday afternoon, I contacted a member of the East Anglia Transport Museum to confirm the vehicle's destination.

Newcastle Corporation 628 (NBB628) at Carlton Colville in July 2010
He confirmed that LTN501 had arrived at Carlton Colville on Sunday night. She will be the main attraction of the Trolleybus Gala on 10/11th September when operating alongside newly restored Newcastle Corporation BUT (Q1 type) No 628. It will be the first time since 1966 that the two surviving Newcastle Trolleybuses have been seen together.
See also Beamish Museum's blog on the meet up of the two vehicles

In recent months 628 has been undergoing a repaint and Syd Eade has sent in this picture of her in the early stages of repainting at the Carlton Colville museum.

Work in progress   © Syd Eade 2011

Another vehicle could also make an appearance at the event on the Saturday of the weekend, subject to an MOT, but its identity is being kept secret for the time being.

Also on Sunday evening, Blackpool Corporation Marton Vambac Car 11 left under the cover of darkness for a brief holiday at Beamish to operate at their 'Power of the Past' event being held in early September.

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