Friday, 19 August 2011

FREE 2011 First Group Fleetlist

A **FREE** 2011 First Group fleetlist is exclusively available to East Norfolk Bus Blog readers.

Syd Eade is able to provide this information which lists EVERY bus in the First Group which has held a five figure fleet number. The list also includes the vehicle's current allocation - if it is still in service. There is also an alphabetical version which enables photographers etc to be able to locate fleet numbers of vehicles seen.

Syd has been keeping the information up to date for his own use/interest which obviously quite a mammoth task. However, he thought it would be useful to others and is prepared to offer it to readers of this blog at no charge. Well worth having if you consider the current Fleet Book (retailing at £18) is months out of date!

I obtained a 2010 version when it was offered through the Essex and East Anglian Yahoo Groups and have found it to be invaluable. A sample page is shown above and a clearer view can be seen when clicking on the image.

How do you get a copy? All you have to do is to email Syd at and he will email you a copy by return. Apologies to those who tried to get a copy earlier as I provided the wrong email address. All should be ok now and Syd is awaiting your emails!

Many thanks to Syd for making this information available to blog readers

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