Saturday 6 August 2011

Castle Meadow Musings

Later during this afternoon's shopping in the city, I had the opportunity to view activity in the Castle Meadow area. My first sighting was of Norfolk independent Neaves operating its DAF/Wright Endurance YJ03PRZ which was heading to the city's bus station on service 36.

At around the same time, First's 66957 (WX55TZU) was seen on service 17 to South Tuckswood complete with its all over advert for Co-op supermarkets and food stores. 66957 is another former Great Yarmouth vehicle now based in Norwich.

Norfolk Green vehicles also made appearances in Castle Meadow. This is Versa 504 John 'Red' Morgan (YJ10EYD) nearing the end of its X29 service from Fakenham.

Sister vehicle 505 (YJ10EYC) was noted working in the opposite direction on the X29 some 15 minutes later.

Towards the end of my time at Castle Meadow, I recorded First's Scania/Wright Solar 65674 (SN51UYH) on the 29 to Taverham. Quite a surprise, as I had this down as being a First Essex vehicle based in Colchester - maybe a loan or transfer? Here's the photo to prove it!


  1. I reported the arrival of the ex Essex Scanias on my blog a couple of weeks ago, there are at least three here so far with (I hear) more on their way to upgrade some of the remaining fleet of older and unreferbished Scanias to meet the Euro 3 Castle Meadow LEZ

  2. Am I alone in my absolute loathing for these AOA buses?