Friday 12 August 2011

Lowestoft Airshow Day 2 - Visiting Coaches

Friday also brought a number of visiting coaches to the Lowestoft seafront area car parks

Both Belle Coaches and Gallaway again parked their vehicles at the railway station car park - this time squeezing in eleven of them! The details are:
Gallaway European  208  4092PP   209 3860PP   289 BV10ZKL   293 BF60OGA  
Belle Coaches   15 SIL9034   17 BC10BEL   19 OJI4755   22 NJI9243
                         24 LIL9715   31 SIL9044     42 LIL9714

Stephen Gowler informs me that the coaches were parked at the railway station because they were working on rail replacement. The trains were apparently so busy because of the airshow that some stations stops were cut out with the coaches providing those services.

At Belvedere Road Car Park there were seventeen vehicles on site and again Ipswich Buses Scania 61 (PJ54YZU) was in attendance  as shown below.

There were also representatives from Chambers of Bures (BX55FYH), Chenery (XBL333), Dew of Somersham (DEW130Y), Freestones (T9BJF), Galloway (276 AY09DHG), Mulleys (WCF99 and X888MUL) and Smiths of Blofield (BV55UES)

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