Wednesday 3 August 2011

Ten Swift Buses For Sale at Auction!

Swift Taxis has placed ten of its vehicles in a forthcoming online auction by Bedford-based W & H Peacock on the 12th August 2011.

Full details of the ten vehicles complete with fleet names/numbers and build date are:

72  AX02RXJ  Ford Transit M16  2002
107  L907JRN  Dennis Dart  East Lancs  B34F  1994
113  Swift Heron  M734KJU  Volvo B10M  Jonckhere  C49FT  1995
117  Swift Teal  M735KJU  Volvo B10M  Jonckhere  C49FT  1995
131  M26XSC  Scania  Iziar  C51F  1995
132  Swift Wagtail  K264SSD  Volvo B10M  Plaxton C57F  1992
133  Swift Crane  UIL7824  Volvo B10M  Plaxton C53F  1989
134  Swift Canary  WJI9828  Scania  Plaxton  C53F  1990
135  Swift Gooseander  R334RCJ  Dennis Javelin  UVG  C53F  1998
??? S511XCR  Dennis Dart  SCC Nimbus  B44F  1999

 Pictures of all ten vehicles were available on the W & H Peacock website prior to the auction but have subsequently been removed. However, nine of the ten can be seen on a later post on this blog.

Thanks to Joe at Norwich Bus Page for providing the heads up

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