Friday, 23 September 2011

Afternoon In Lowestoft

As it was a mild sunny day, I decided to spend the afternoon in Lowestoft. On both X1 journeys to and from  the Suffolk town I was lucky in claiming one of the upstairs front seats on the Gemini!

After arriving at Lowestoft Bus Station, I wandered along the High Street window shopping on my way to the seafront. Near the railway station I noted Belle Coaches 42 (LIL9714) heading southbound.

After a seafront stroll and a cuppa, I returned to Gordon Road to watch activities there. Operator Anglian didn't disappoint as there were two deckers within a minute of each other on the 601 route between Great Yarmouth and Southwold. The photo below shows 'new' 508 (X251NNO) on the northbound service to Great Yarmouth.

The Trident was quickly followed by Scania 505 (AO57HCC), a regular vehicle on the 601 service, with a return working to Southwold.

Anglian's 525 route provided relative newcomer Scania 435 (YT11LVF) at the bus station shortly before heading south.

An enjoyable leisurely afternoon in the warm sun (for a change!)


  1. Roy, Did you notice if the center exit was being used on the Trident?
    Good Photos (and interesting), as always.

  2. Mick, unfortunately I didn't - as I was keen to make sure I was in the right place to get a good shot of it as it exited Gordon Road bus station. Will look next time!
    Thanks for the encouraging comments

  3. Mick. Trident 508 was on the 601 again this afternoon and I noticed that the centre exit was not in use! In fact there were notices displayed inside saying no exit and asking passengers to use the front of the bus. Hope that helps