Thursday, 8 September 2011

Routemaster Goes

The last of the three First Eastern Counties Routemasters have now left Great Yarmouth's Caister Road depot.

The blue and cream liveried RML 2717 (SMK717F) left the town yesterday afternoon on a low loader bound for Glasgow, having been purchased by a private buyer.

RML 2717 was painted into 'Great Yarmouth Transport' colours but the colour scheme didn't really match the original livery. The three Routemasters were primarily used on seasonal/hire work and subsequently proved unreliable for their intensive seasonal duties. They all suffered limited use in recent years being only used for private hire work.

SMK717F's former depot companion, Flying Banana Routemaster RML 2623 (NML623E) is now based in Essex and has London Red livery for use on private hire. She was photographed a month ago in Chelmsford by Syd Eade and is scheduled to appear at Showbus later this month.

© Syd Eade

A further report and photos of the departure of RML2717 from Caister Road can be seen on Andys Bus Blog


  1. As a life enthusiast of GYCT, GYBT and GYT I say "good riddance". I always thought this an insult to the real blue buses. Not like me to express myself so strongly, but it had to be said.
    I still love the blog though Roy.

  2. As you will know from my Terminus reports, I was also long time enthusiast of GYT etc. Same feelings here Mick - I always considered it was a PR stunt by First which didn't meet with any approval by local enthusiasts.