Monday 17 February 2020

Acle Rail Replacement

First's SN64CPU in Gorleston High Street in April 2017
With train services expected to operate as normal today on the Great Yarmouth to Norwich via Acle line, it is anticipated that no rail replacement buses are required on that route. However, the 12:17 ex Norwich has been reported with a train fault so perhaps they will be required as cover after all!

In the meantime buses continue to operate the Acle - Cantley - Reedham circuit with Richard Woods observing First StreetLite 47501 SN64CPU on what was thought to be the 09:55 ex Reedham arriving at Acle at 10:20. It is believed to have continued to Great Yarmouth as the next Acle outing is not due until 12:05

Richard suggests this is 47501's first appearance on the route although Great Yarmouth's 47502 and 47503 have also been seen along with some Norwich examples.

Subsequent workings by Sanders Coaches and the Completely Coach bendy bus seems to indicate all is not well on the Norwich to Great Yarmouth rail service.

My thanks to Richard for his reports


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