Tuesday 4 February 2020

Rail Replacement ~ Norwich Tuesday

Earlier today there was a wide variety of vehicles in use on rail replacement services at Norwich as featured in the many photos from Joe Wilson-Smith

I didn't expect to see the use of First Great Yarmouth StreetLite 47503 SN64CPX on them - both 47503 and 47502 are presently on loan to First Norwich.

The next photo shows a montage of a number of other vehicles in use today. They comprise Completely Coach Travel's Mercedes Benz Citaro BX04MXK, Felixstowe Travel's Volvo B8RLE M20FXO, First Great Yarmouth Gemini BN12JYH, Sanders Caetano Levante FJ11GNF, Freestones' Beulas R25DDA and Ambassador Travel's Volvo B11R BV17CUA.

However, Completely Coach Travel came up with yet another surprise in the form of ex Metroline Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL LK04NLZ. The bus was new to Metroline London Northern as their VPL581 in July 2004.

My thanks to Joe for all the photos and to LiamS for identifying the former Metroline decker


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