Sunday 16 February 2020

From West To East

First's new upgraded Excel service between Norwich and Peterborough begins tomorrow with the fleet of Brand new Scania Double Decks hitting the roads. This means the fleet of Enviro 400's will be moving to pastures new after their time in West Norfolk.

The Brand New Fleet awaits its first day in service tomorrow at Kings Lynn Depot this afternoon.
New arrivals at Caister Road this evening. (First)

33803/5-33819 were allocated to Kings Lynn Depot with the rest split between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. Today saw some of the Kings Lynn based fleet begin to transfer over to Great Yarmouth. Noted arrivals this evening were 33803/807/808/809/810/813/814/815.

Some Volvo Geminis are expected to move from Great Yarmouth to Norwich in due course as a result of the Enviro influx.

Thanks to Chris and First for the info and Photos.


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