Friday, 13 November 2020

New Look for an Old Favourite

The latest repaint to emerge in Coastlink colours is the only Enviro 400 that did not wear Excel livery with FEC, that being none other that Great Yarmouth based 33423 SN60CAA.

Having arrived in July 2013 from Jersey via Ensignbus it was outshopped in an allover White Livery, pictured below working the X1 at Norwich Bus Station in August 2013.

It was repainted early in 2014 and given the new Olympia livery, the only one of its type to do so with FEC, all the others in the Blue based Excel colours.

Today we can reveal her new look courtesy of Zak Nelson, pictured below freshly adorned with the Coastlink colours as per all the Enviro 400 Fleet with FEC.

Will now be a bit more difficult to spot when its out and about!

Many Thanks to First and Zak for the Photo.

Stay safe, Grahame

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