Saturday 28 November 2020

Saturday Sightings

Couple of sightings to report from today whilst doing the Shopping and Exercise duties.

First up whilst visiting Adsa a couple of vehicles laying over whilst on Rail Replacement duties at Yarmouth Station.

First up is former Metroline Volvo B7TL LK04NLZ now with Completely Coach Travel which is becoming a regular on such duties around the area.

Also on duty was Angies Tours Caetano Levante P28PJO.

On the way home i also managed to spot the latest arrival at Caister Road which is another ex Sheffield Volvo B7RLE 69020 SF55UAN which was changing drivers in Beaconsfield Road.

And finally back in my home village another of the Sheffield exiles was working the 1 service to Lowestoft in the shape of 69046 SF55UBG.

Stay Safe everyone, Grahame

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