Saturday, 13 August 2022

Cambridge Visit

Omar Atiallah visited Cambridge yesterday and took a few pictures for the blog whilst he was there. The main reason for his visit was to use his complimentary ticket for the Cambridge Sightseeing service.

Whilst there he observed three former Stagecoach Norfolk Green ADL Enviro300s which are now part of the Stagecoach East fleet. They were 27642 GX10 HBU (pictured), 27645 GX10HCA and 27647 GX10 KYZ

It was quite a surprise to see Alexander Dennis Enviro 400ev City bodied BYD electric bus 14024 LF60 UXO off route and on the Milton Park & Ride.

As expected Whippet was also operating services with Plaxton Centro bodied Volvo B7RLE WS327 YX59 BZF seen here on the X3 to Huntingdon.

My thanks to Omar for the photos and report



  1. Not sure that it's strictly correct to describe the ADL Enviro 300s as "former Norfolk Green". The six (27642-7) were new to Stagecoach South, but transferred to Kings Lynn after Stagecoach East took over Norfolk Green; they certainly weren't owned by the independent. When Stagecoach gave up its Kings Lynn depot these Enviro 300s were moved to Bedford, but they are all now at Cambridge.

  2. The six ADL Enviro 300s (27642-7) were new to Stagecoach South. Whe Stagecoach East took over Norfolk Green, they were transferred into Kings Lynn, but they were never part of the independent 's fleet. When Stagecoach East gave up the Kings Lynn work, the six were moved to Bedford and are now all at Cambridge.

  3. Agreed not originally part of the independent Norfolk Green fleet but later became members of the Stagecoach Norfolk Green fleet