Wednesday 22 April 2015

Oranges and Lemons

As reported on social media yesterday Norwich's Orange line branded 33162 is currently at Yarmouth awaiting MOT and found itself working the 8's yesterday afternoon and today it was drafted into action this afternoon on the 1/1A service. Luckily I finished work at lunchtime today and managed to photograph her near my home in Ormesby bound for Martham on the 1A.
33162 LR02LXX sits opposite the Green in Ormesby this afternoon heading for Martham.

My lunchtime finish was due to me taking my Dad up to the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital for an appointment. Whilst he was in the hospital I grabbed a coffee and wandered outside to see what buses were about and I was surprised to see Anglianbus Optare Excel 229 X229WRA arrive working the Konectbus service 4, I believe it had been noted in use previously in the city last week with Konect. Luckily I managed to grab some shots of it for the records!
Anglian Optare Excel 229 at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital this afternoon.


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  1. That 229 gets about ! Usually seen doing a turn on the 81 thats probably why I have not followed it lately. Can't fault the tango machine out and about here making it a super spot ! You know the phrase...if it starts it earns!