Thursday 19 November 2015

And Now There Are Two

Local operator Swift Taxis appear to be further contracting the coaching side of their fleet over the past few months

Sunsundegui Sideral bodied Volvo B12M S11WFT in use in Norwich during March last year
During mid August the company placed four vehicles up for auction with W&H Peacock Auctioneers & Valuers. The four lots comprised two coaches, a minibus and a taxi. In the former category were Volvo B12M CE02CRX (previously S11WFT) and  BMC 1100 FE BX55OFN; whilst the minibus was Iveco YX51JPY

BMC BX55OFN operating the last 206 service in December 2012
It is believed that the minibus and Volvo were sold at the auction with the BMC lasting a little longer being publicised as being available for sale on the Route One Trader until only recently

The two remaining full size coaches in the Swift Taxi fleet
Their disposal means that Swift now have only two full size coaches in the fleet - Dennis Javelin SJI8127 and Mercedes Benz MW51WFT and both were at Swift's Southtown yard this morning.

I am currently trying to ascertain the names of the new owners of the disposed coaches


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  1. Blinking sad to see how quick things can change. Just shows how cut throat the business is getting again