Saturday 28 November 2015

Bluebird Memories

Following our Throw Back Thursday feature on the Norfolk Bluebird Fleetline, Syd Eade has been in touch reminiscing about a journey he had on it from Britannia Pier to Norwich, and the heating didn't work either. He says the drivers always seemed surprised to find a passenger on-board as well!

WCO737V, the MAN coach referred to by Syd picking up passengers in the old Bell Avenue
Syd asks if I realised the Daimler would have been on their Norwich - Great Yarmouth stage service? I didn't! Apparently it ran opposite a MAN coach, which gave out tea and coffee on the way!

Another ex London Daimler owned by Norfolk Bluebird was THM712M
He says that Norfolk Bluebird were a great company in the short time they were about, never using destination blinds, just hand written paper stuck in the windows or nothing at all!!!

A Plaxton bodied AEC Reliance RPR750K leaves Ber Street for the Heartsease 
He has sent  a couple of more pics he took of their vehicles including the MAN on the Yarmouth run from Norwich and the others on the 552 Mile Cross to Heartsease City Service.

My thanks to Syd for the information and photos which retain his copyright



  1. Tea & Coffee sounds good. However, I'm sure Health & Safety would soon stop that today!

  2. Interesting that the MAN has a Plymouth registration

  3. The MAN was new to Trathans hence the Plymouth number