Friday 6 November 2015

First's 34110 Arrives At Yeldham

You will have seen from earlier posts, one of First's Volvo Olympians safely made it into preservation on Tuesday

34110 safe at Yeldham Transport Collection on Tuesday afternoon
I have subsequently been contacted by owner Colin Thorne who has moved it to the Yeldham Transport Collection in Essex. He has provided some pictures of its arrival there later in the day and, despite hoping to get there before the Olympian did, the recovery vehicle got there first!

Damage incurred to the nearside corner of the front dome
As you probably noted from the photos, the nearside corner of front dome was looking the worse for wear with the front window missing. As Colin already possessed a new front dome it was decided not to re-affix a new window for its trip south

With the bus in a raised position on tow, it led to this area being clouted many times by overhanging trees on the journey. This meant an issue he hadn't previously thought of - a collection of foliage on the way! Colin said he hadn't 'considered that she was sitting higher
An unexpected collection of foliage!
than normal and was thus more prone to hitting tree's. Having no window fitted left her too exposed to cope'

On its arrival a group of  bus engineers gave the vehicle a once over and it looks as though more parts will be needed before it can run again.

Colin mentioned the issue of  the Yeldham Transport Collection being kicked off their site due to the landlord selling to developers. The Collection has yet to identify any suitable new home and could be told to vacate with just four weeks notice.

A last look at 34110 leaving Caister Road depot on Tuesday
He concludes 'Whatever happens, 34110 is definitely safe and will be back on the road one day ....... just don't expect too much too soon!! I've learned in this "hobby" that Rome most definitely wasn't built in a day!'

That's very reassuring Colin and hope it won't be too long before we see it back on the road. My thanks to him for assisting with reports and for supplying these photos which retain his copyright


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