Tuesday 17 November 2015

Familiar Faces Return

Yesterday saw two former Eastern Counties vehicles return after moving to First Essex. Volvo B10BLE's 66168 W368EOW & 66169 W369EOW will be used at Lowestoft and Yarmouth due to the vehicle requirement increase for Bernard Matthews contract work during the Christmas period. More double deck vehicles will be used on the contract so the new arrivals will plug the gaps on normal routes within the area.
66168 at Hemsby Kingsway back in 2010, shortly after repaint, she has since gained the new livery in Essex.
The two originally arrived with FEC back in 2009 along with sisters 66165/66177 & 66179 from First Hants & Dorset, they began life in Norfolk at Norwich before moving down to Yarmouth in early 2010, they then moved on to Essex IN 2011. They will now remain with FEC until DDA changes force their withdrawl.
66169 on the 8's back in April 2010

66169 is currently at Lowestoft with 66168 arriving at Yarmouth today from Norwich.

Thanks to First and Chris Speed for the info.                Grahame.

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  1. Why will DDA force the withdrawal of these buses? Don't they all have wheelchair ramps, spaces, priority seats, low floor etc?